PreNatal Vitamins and Food Supplements

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Most practitioners advise the use of a vitamin supplement of some kind for the duration of pregnancy and breastfeeding, “just in case” mom can’t get enough healthy food ingested and retained.

I am not aware of any objective clinical evidence supporting the use of any of the prenatal vitamins. They are usually presented to a practitioner by a drug rep, who presents information supplied by the manufacturer. However, here are some facts to consider:

  • Vitamins isolated from the micronutrients that are found with them in the natural state may do little, if any, good, and recent research shows that vitamin supplements ultimately could be harmful.
  • Supplements and vitamins are currently being considered for FDA regulation!

There is a product that is a WHOLE FOOD, containing all of the nutrition of 17 different fruits and vegetables (minus sugar and water) in capsule (and chewable) form.  It has been studied by many independent institutions / organizations in "gold standard" formal double blind / peer reviewed research.  It is being recommended by physicians (OB/GYN, cancer specialists, internists, pediatricians, family practice, surgeons), nurses, chiropractors, dieticians, etc.

I recommend it to all of my clients - and my family and I use it. I recommend it for anyone planning to conceive. Indeed, I recommend it for everyone past the age of 3!!!!!

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When you park at the clinic, you will notice a barn ... with goats; This is the home of Oddball's farm, which produces all natural and chemical free soaps. 

These soaps are made  utilizing the cold process method in small handmade batches to ensure a consistent high quality product. The natural glycerin from the cold process soap making method is retained in our soap for natural moisturizing properties.  Our soaps cure for at least six weeks before packaging. 

We use no preservatives, chemicals or animal fats in our soaps.  Our soaps are produced with high quality, natural and organic vegetable based oils combined with our fresh hormone, antibiotic and chemical free goat milk.  Our goats are hand milked daily providing us with the freshest goat milk available. 

You might be suprised at how your skin feels after their use. 

And ... they are attractively packaged for use as unique gifts. 

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